First step? Printing. 

The first step of the dye sublimation process is printing.  All of the apparel panels we need to make your product are printed with your graphics layered on top of them.  Everything is printed using special paper and ink. This is why dye sublimation gives you the utmost flexibility in your graphics – anything that you can see on a computer screen can be printed on your products. Our state of the art printers combined with our highly skilled team ensures that we can match to any pantone color. All inks used are water-based dyes.  This means they’re safe for our plant, our staff, and the athlete.  We use the highest quality inks imported from Japan.

Second step? Sublimation.

Dye sublimation is a process that uses high temperatures to permanently fuse color into a fabric (rather than onto it) so that the design becomes fixed and will not fade, crack or peel. After the apparel panels with your graphics have been printed, the printed paper goes through a sublimation press together with fabric from our warehouse. The press transforms the ink into a gas, which is absorbed by the fabric, leaving an extremely precise and high resolution image that will last forever.  Your printed fabric is now ready to be cut and assembled. We use state of the art Monti Antonio presses imported from Italy.  Dye sublimation will not interfere with fabric performance in keeping an athlete’s body dry or cool. It is by far the best quality, reliable and durable printing option for sportswear.