Eyelet Mesh

Composition: 100% Polyester

Weight: 150 gr/sqm

Description: Eyelet Mesh fabric is known for its durability, moisture wicking and wrinkle free properties. The fabric has a medium-weight and feels rather rigid in texture. However, the spaces between the yarns makes it a very breathable fabric and perfect to use for apparel dedicated to high intensity training.


Eyelet Mesh pro

Composition: 100% Polyester

Weight: 170 gr/sqm

Description: Eyelet mesh pro, similar to eyelet mesh, is also known for its durability, moisture wicking and wrinkle free qualities. Although this fabric also has a medium- weight, it feels thicker and a slightly smoother hand/feel than eyelet mesh. Due to an added substance derived from bamboo charcoal properties, it might be less breathable but it does allow for more odor absorption. It’s the go-to fabric for our basic styles for all types of athletic applications.


Mini Piqué

Composition: 100% Polyester

Weight: 149 gr/sqm

Description: Mini piqué is equally known for it’s durability and quick dry properties. Unlike both eyelet mesh fabrics, it has a slightly thicker hand/feel and tends to be less wrinkle free. However, it’s honeycomb-like bumpy texture and embossed pattern adds visual interest to this fabric. Often the choice for casual activewear – especially polo’s are the way to go for this fabric.


Eyelet Mesh Light

Composition: 94% Polyester 6% Spandex

Weight: 100 gsm

Description: This fabric is the lightest and most delicate eyelet mesh option in our assortment, with the softest hand/feel. It’s thin mesh makes this fabric extremely breathable, moist wicking and cool to wear for long workouts or runs. Without a doubt, this is the fabric you want to use for your marathon apparel.



Durable Stretch

Composition: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane

Weight: 230 gr/sqm

Description: As the name suggests, durable stretch fabric is mostly known for it’s durability and it’s four-way stretch ability. The heavy weight of the material makes the apparel opaque and impossible for light to shine through but still breathable enough.


Soft & Warm Stretch

Composition: 82% polyester, 18% Elastane

Weight: 220 gr/sqm

Description: The soft & warm stretch fabric shares a similar weight, stretch strength and the double- sided sublimation ability as the durable stretch. The super soft and thicker texture feel of this fabric make it the perfect solution for your cold weather workout apparel – long sleeve tops in this fabric will keep you warm and comfortable.


Ultra Lightweight Stretch

Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 70 gr/sqm

Description: This is the most lightweight fabric in our selection, thus breathable and very moisture wicking. The knitting also gives the fabric a slight stretch which makes it comfortable to wear for long endurances. Try this fabric for your running tops or casual tank tops in hot weather.


Lightweight Woven

Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 87 gr/sqm

Description: Equally light in weight, moisture wicking and breathable, our lightweight woven fabric differs from the other fabrics due to its weave technique. This fabric is particularly interesting for your outdoor sportswear, such as running shorts and wind jackets.



Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 150 gr/sqm

Description: TCool has the most advanced and innovative technology within our fabric range. The nano powder added to the yarns gives the fabric a quick dry effect while regulating your body temperature and keeping you cool in all circumstances. Moreover, it protects you from infrared and harmful UV-rays. This fabric is particularly useful to use for our slim fit tops, worn during a heavy workout in warm climates.