What we do

At Running by Pactics we help boutique and small sports apparel retailers bring their individual brands to life through in-house sublimation printing technology without high minimum order quantities and long lead times.

Running by Pactics is a part of Pactics Group, the largest producer of microfiber products for the world’s premium brands in the eyewear industry. We are expanding into new markets like sportswear, electronics and jewelry.  The combination of product / process innovation and an international sales / service department offers unique opportunities for our clients to work directly with the factory and get the best results in quality, on time delivery, new product development and brand protection.
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How we do it

At Running by Pactics, we are partners and guides for our clients at every step of the supply chain from sourcing, to graphic design, to production and assembly, to logistics and delivery at your door.  Everything is done in-house and with carefully vetted business partners.

Pactics Group operates one world class production facility in China, as well as two in Cambodia all of which have a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility.  Running by Pactics products are primarily produced at our facility in Phnom Penh.

Our people matter

At Running by Pactics, staff are entitled to the same benefits you would expect anywhere else like paid vacation, sick leave, and maternity leave.  We also provide free lunch, and have an infirmary and daycare on site.

We run our business this way because it’s the right thing to do.  When you buy from us you’re buying directly from the manufacturer.  That means a shorter supply chain and more equitable distribution of wealth across it.

We’ve achieved SA8000 certification to prove it  – a third party accreditation in the highest standards in social compliance.

Our planet matters

We minimize waste by only producing what you order.  Unlike larger manufacturers, our ability to deliver small minimum order quantities and short lead times means no excess stock heading to landfills.  The inks used in our dye sublimation process are water based and safe for the planet, our team, and the athlete.   And we work with our suppliers to make sure that  only like-minded suppliers are chosen to deliver under zero tolerance policies.